Excite your students with thrilling competitions from the Online Math League!

See what Online Math League can do for your students!

Motivate Your Students

When you sign up for the Online Math League, your students gain access to practice materials designed to immediately challenge and motivate them to excel in math.

Conquer a Challenge

Three times throughout the school year, your students will compete in challenging math contests against students from around the world. Test questions are designed to challenge students of all abilities.

Celebrate Success

After each contest, your students' results are displayed on our live leaderboards. At the end of the school year, each team receives three medals to award to high-scoring students.

Multiply Your Learning
Practice Materials
When you register for the Online Math League, your students will be able to take advantage of a multitude of free online math practice tests. Use these to build your students' mathematical abilities in preparation for the official contests.
Online Leaderboard
Each contest is an opportunity to celebrate students' math achievements. Showing off students' results on the online leaderboard (publicly or anonymously) encourages learning and increases engagement.
Three Contests
The Online Math League culminates in three exciting contests in fall, winter, and spring. These contests give students the opportunity to show off their math skills. Tests are administered on a flexible timeline, in the comfort of your own classroom.
Real Awards
Online Math League awards medals to top performing students on each team, shipped directly to your door. End the school year on a high note by celebrating the success of your students!
One competing student
Compete in 3 fun contests throughout the school year
Practice with tests from previous years
Individual student entered on leaderboard
Receive an end-of-year medal
Register teams by grade level (2nd through 6th)
Unlimited students per grade level (per school)
Compete in 3 fun contests throughout the school year
Practice with tests from previous years
Team and individual students entered on leaderboard
Three medals for individual students
for first team
15% off
all additonal teams