Is there a minimum or maximum number of students for a team?

A team score is made up of the top four scores of the team members so the minimum number of students needed to make up a team is four. There is no maximum.

What is included in the registration?

A team registration includes three official contests throughout the year, access to the online practice area, and three medals to recognize your highest achieving students. It also includes access to certificate templates that can be customized and the name of every student (first name and last initial only) and score posted on our website. Individual registrations include all of the same except only one medal instead of three.

Can a student test up? Or test down?

We want everyone to be sufficiently challenged so students are always allowed to compete in a grade level higher. However, in fairness to all, we do not allow students to compete in a grade level lower.

How much does all of this cost?

A team registration costs just $79 for an unlimited number of students to compete at the same grade level. In addition, we'll discount every other team you register by 15%! An individual registration is just $29.

How can I contact you?

You can always reach us through email at Also, you can reach us by phone at 616-426-9889.

When are the three official contests?

The first contest can be taken anytime between November 1 and November 30. The second contest runs from January 15 to February 15, and the final contest is available from March 1 to March 31.

How do I add the names of my students?

When you login you will see a blank list of students for each grade level you registered for. There will also be a blue button to ‘add student’. Just click on this button and boxes will come up where you can input a student’s first name and last initial. There is also a toggle that you can click if you’d like the student’s name to appear on the website. If you do not click this then the student’s name will show as a code instead. Once you have completed the first student just click ‘add student’ again to input another name. Continue doing this until all names are entered and then click ‘save’.

How do I access the practice contests?

When you are logged in just click on the ‘practice’ link at the top. A page will come up with links to all the practice tests for your grade level(s). There is also a secret link listed at the top of the page for you to share with students so they can access the contests. Keep checking back throughout the year for new contests.

How do I access the official contests?

During the official contest period (see FAQ) you can login to your account and click the 'tests' link at the top. There is a blue 'download pdf' button that you can click on to download a pdf version of the official contest. Then just make copies, administer the tests to your students and score them using the score sheet included.

How do I input my students' scores?

During the official contest period (see FAQ), just login and click on the 'tests' link at the top. There you will see a box next to each student where you can input that student's score. Once you have input scores for all students just click 'save'.

Do you still award plaques to top teams?

We will no longer be awarding plaques. Instead we are sending more medals to each team so you can recognize even more of your students.

Can I change my contact information?

Yes you can. Just login and click 'settings' at the top. There you can change your contact name, school name, email, address or password. Please make sure that your address is where you'd like your medals shipped.