• What is the basic structure of your competitions? +

    There are three Online Math League contests spread throughout the school year: one in November, one in late January/early February, and one in March. These tests may be taken online or with paper and pencil. Immediately following each contest, students' names (or code numbers, if they prefer) and scores are entered into our website, where they are immediately and proudly displayed. Certificate templates for improvement and also for participation are also provided. At the end of the year, high-scoring teams and top individuals from every team entered win awards. High scoring individual entrants win awards as well.
  • Who is eligible to join Online Math League competitions? +

    Online Math League contests are open to school and homeschool teams. They are also open to individual students who wish to compete (such as homeschoolers or students whose schools are not in our competitions). Students from around the world are eligible to compete in Online Math League contests.
  • What grade levels may participate in your contests? +

    Our contests are grade-level specific and are offered at 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, and Algebra levels.
  • What are the tests like? Do students take them online? How do we receive the tests? +

    Online Math League contests each consist of fifteen challenging multiple-choice questions. These competitions have a 30-minute time limit, and no calculators or other reference materials may be used. There are two ways for students to take the contests: online at this website, or as paper and pencil tests. Tests are made available for download from our website. They are not sent out in emails, as many school districts frown upon (or outright block) emails with attachments. When you join one or more of our contests, you will use your email address and a self-chosen password to log in and download the contests you have signed up for.
  • When are the actual dates of the contests? +

    There is no one specific date for our contests. Instead, each contest may be taken in a one-month window of time. This allows our contests to fit in with even the busiest of schedules. The first contest may be taken anytime in November, the second contest may be taken anytime between January 15 and February 15, and the third contest may be taken anytime in March.
  • What is the practice area like? +

    Our brand-new practice area consists of a number of online sample contests that your students (or child) can use to prepare for the official Online Math League contests, and much more importantly, to improve their overall math skills. These practice contests allow students two chances to answer each question, with built-in feedback that is designed to offer support to students who answered incorrectly on the first try. Because of this detailed feedback, we believe our practice area is almost like having a personalized math tutor working one-on-one with each student who enters our practice area!
  • How many students make up a team? How are team scores figured? +

    You need at least four students competing at the same grade level to form a team, but there is no limit to the number of students who may be on a team, as long as the students attend the same school and are in the same grade level. We had teams of over 200 students in last year's contests! To calculate a team's score, the top four individual scores are added together. Each question is worth one point, so a perfect team score on any particular contest would be 60 - four perfect scores of fifteen. Example: You have ten students on a 5th grade team. They earn scores of 15, 14, 14, 12, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, and 5 on the first contest. Your team score would be 15 + 14 + 14 + 12, or 55.
  • Who scores the contests? Do I have to submit them to you somehow? +

    If your students take the online version of our contests, they are instantly scored and those scores are automatically uploaded to our website. If you choose to use the pencil and paper option, using a detailed answer key that comes with each contest, you will be able to check your students' tests and give them their scores immediately. You are then able to post the scores online. Completed tests are not submitted to the Online Math League.
  • What awards do you provide? Who wins the awards? +

    10% of the teams in each competition (plus ties) will receive a plaque commemorating their achievement. The same number of top scoring individuals will receive a medal. Additionally, every team that enters the Online Math League will receive two individual medals for its top two students. Better yet, schools that register four teams together will receive 12 medals. For our international competitors, we only ship our awards to the United States and Canada. Medals will be provided to every school and team entry, even if no scores are submitted to our website; however, only teams who enter their scores on our website are eligible to place in the top 10% and win a plaque. Likewise, only individuals who post scores on our website are eligible win a medal.
  • How much does all of this cost? +

    It costs just $99 (US dollars) to register a grade-level team for the entire school year (three contests). Schools that register four teams can do so for just $349 (a savings of $47). If you wish to register an individual child instead of a team, the cost is just $39 per child for the entire school year. To clarify, if your school has 100 fifth graders, they may all participate in all three of our 5th grade math competitions throughout the year for just a one-time fee of $99. Those students would also be able to access our online practice area throughout the school year as well.
  • What types of payments do you accept? +

    We accept payment by credit card, PayPal, check, or purchase order. We know that some school districts prefer to send purchase orders, and we will gladly respond to those by providing your school district with an invoice. Credit card payments can be made by following the register link on this website. PayPal payments should be sent to info@onlinemathleague.com. Checks should be made out to Online Math League and sent to P.O. Box 888248, Grand Rapids, MI, 49588. If you register online, indicate your registration number on your check; otherwise, include a printable registration form with your payment.
  • In the online results, can my students have their real names posted? What about using code numbers instead? +

    It's your choice: your students may have their real names posted, or you may choose to use code numbers instead, and this decision can vary by student. We do believe that posting a student's name on our website can be one of the most motivating and thrilling aspects of this entire contest for a student, so we recommend it heartily. That said, in accordance with federal legislation, we do not collect individually identifiable information about children, such as a full name. You will only be asked to enter your students' first names and last initials for display on our test results pages. In addition, a parental permission slip will be sent with your registration information when you join our contests, and you will need to use that to secure permission to post a child's name online. If such permission is not granted, that student's score will be displayed with a code number instead, such as Student #8, Lincoln Middle School, 12/15 points.
  • Can students test down to a class they have already completed? Can they test up to a higher class? +

    Students may not test down to a lower class than what they are currently enrolled in, but they MAY test up to a higher class. This means that, no, a 6th grade math student may not participate in our 5th grade contest, but a 4th grader COULD compete in the 5th grade math contest if so desired. Students may also compete in more than one grade level competition. A 6th grade student, for example, could compete in both the 6th and 7th grade competitions if so desired.
  • I know there's a practice area, but may we also purchase past contests to use as study guides with our students? +

    Definitely! If you want even more practice material for your students, you can purchase last year's official Online Math League contests at any one grade level for just $15. Want still more? Get the past two years' worth of official contests for $25, three years' worth for $35, four years' worth for $45, or five years' worth for $55.
  • How do my students take the contest online? +

    After you have logged in to the user area and added each student, the students can then login with the registered email and student password from the "Your Account" button at the top of every page.
  • How do I contact you? +

    Feel free to contact us via fax at (616) 825-5999 or email us at info@onlinemathleague.com
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